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Following the critically acclaimed version for X-Plane, Origami Studios, in collaboration with iniBuilds, is excited to announce a rendition of Gatwick Airport coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator.


Gatwick is one of the most popular and busiest airports in the UK, and we were incredibly excited to bring a rendition into the ecosphere. This scenery package will be a significant upgrade from the X-Plane version, with certain areas of the terminals upgraded for more optimal UV/Texture mapping, more ground details, custom ortho, support for MSFS based features and more. Ground layouts will also be based on the 2020/2021 version, including new A380 pier and construction works around Pier 6.


With Summer in full swing, take command of busy holiday routes with short-commuter passenger hops. Gatwick also has ample opportunities for long-hauls, cargo, and even maintenance operations with the new Boeing hanger. We expect to see a lot of Orange at this airport!


Q. I already have the XP version, will I get an upgrade discount?

A. The MFS version is somewhat different from the XP version, hence we do have to treat it as if it was a separate product. The differences will be very noticeable for close-up objects.


Q. Does this mean you’re abandoning X-Plane?

A. Not at all. In fact we have things cooking for X-Plane that we can’t quite show just yet. We just see MSFS as an opportunity for all pilots to enjoy our content.


Q. Will the XP version see some of these changes too?

A. TBD. Some of these features will be technically impossible for X-Plane to adapt. We are eager to hear your feedback though.


Q. Will safedocks work in this version?

A. Unfortunately no. We’re investigating and waiting on any potential future api. We want to bring something with the usability of something like SODE in P3D, or SAM in X-Plane, where we can define aircraft positions to avoid collisions. The same applies for jetways.


Q. Will there be statics in the scenery?​

A. Like our X-Plane version, there will be no statics. In our view, they are somewhat cumbersome and get in the way of  better static/ai solutions for the platform.


Microsoft Flight Simulator

4.4GB download, 7.87GB when installed.

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